Winter Is Here

For my first post containing my own poetry, I decided to look way back in my portfolio of poetry to find some that I wrote about winter time. Here in Saint Louis, MO we are being hit by a cold front. The past couple of weeks have been in the low double digits with some days in single digits. What could be more appropriate now than to share writing that derives inspiration from this bitter-cold season? The poem featured here was written a few years ago, if not more, and recently edited upon rediscovery.


A Poem

The new fallen snow is

A white, powdery dust.

My feet trek as snow

Softly crunches beneath.

Hoping I don’t lose myself

In the white world around me.

As long as I never stray.

The beauty, the softness, the serenity

Of the world captures me.

I cannot distinguish

Snow covered ground from pale hued sky.

If I should get lost

I need only to follow my tracks home.

Who wouldn’t want to be lost

In this other world of natural grace?

What more is there?

I turn and kick the snow

Covering my tracks so I never find my way back.

I have found my new home,

My true home.



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