Summer Storm

Coal-black clouds obscure the sun.

Rain plummets down

Drops like dimes scatter

All across the ground,

Keeping their own time. 


The slow drip-drop

Quickens to a choral hissss

Muting all other sound

To speak to me. 

What are you trying to tell me?


Razor thin lightning flashes in succession.

One. Two. Three. Four.

Bolts striking chords in the Earth. 


Following, thunder claps

Across the sky

Directing me to its voice.


The storm booms above: 

Heed me, For I am greater than you. 

I may strike you down at whim.

Or wash you away,

Flood your home

Do not forget me!


Lightning streaks across the sky,

Illuminating my view

And my mind as I realize

How abrupt is the force 

And violent the wrath

Of a summer storm.


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