The Cruel Mistress

Living with you

Is a life caged.

My jailer

Your liquid courage

Thinly masquerading

Liquid rage.


Your judgement can never

Be truly clear

Looking through frosted bottles

Filled to the brim with my fear.

I’ve learned to count time,

Not by minutes, hours, or years

But through subtraction

Of your discarded beers.


Your whiskey is strong,

Burning away every plea

Lacing your tongue with words

To burn loved ones

Until they can only flee.


This addiction is a cruel mistress

Who takes as much as she gives.

So convinced you are

That you consume it.

In truth, it consumes you as you live.

She is your first love

Who reigns above all others.

A marriage pact in sin.

As long as you two

Are intertwined together

It is certain no one else can win.



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