New Year’s Post

I’m typically not one for “resolutions”. I view them as ways for people to make themselves feel good without any real consequences if they give up a month in. But I do see the value of setting goals. So instead of telling you I’ll “go to the gym” this year, a.k.a get a membership that won’t be used past the end of January, or start a “healthy diet” which wouldn’t go further than me drinking diet soda over regular.

Instead, I decided to come up with goals in my creative life to be my “resolutions”.

1. Continue to regularly keep my journal and engage in self reflection.

2. Try to gain a good niche of readers of this blog. As much fun as shouting at a void is, I hope some are reading this.

3. Complete my short story in progress that I’ve worked on in spurts the past couple years.

4. Keep writing.

So those are my own creative life resolutions. Do you have you any of your own? Whether they be creative or otherwise, let me know in the comments!

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