Voices From the Past: A New Blog Feature

Earlier this week, while browsing Buzzfeed videos, I came across an interesting one about a woman who bought a stranger’s love letters on Ebay. They were from the 1930’s between a man and woman who were dating. He was presumed to be ill with tuberculosis during the period of the letters. The vlogger summarized the story as she interpreted it from reading the letters and became very invested in the lives of this couple. Their story ended with some unresolved questions, at least as the letters finished. The vlogger commented on how interesting it was to be seeing into the couple’s lives through the letters and how invested she was in it.

So I got an idea from the video. I decided I would look on Ebay for vintage personal letters. There are a lot available. So to narrow it down I decided to choose my favorite historical period, the World War 2 era. They are letters from veterans to their wives/families. I found a couple different sets for decent prices in the “buy it now” category. I bought two different sets, one is shipped, the other will ship tomorrow. I decided once I get them and read through them, I will create a blog post discussing the experience of reading personal letters from such a unique era, my thoughts and reactions. If they prove interesting, it could be a new hobby. I’ll update on here once I’ve received them and read through them. More to come.



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